Payments Map

Market intelligence for the US payments environment.

The Payments Map estimates transactions, revenues and costs for major payments product lines at a granular level. Coverage of the United States and Canada includes:

  • Consumer and commercial DDA
  • Consumer and commercial credit card issuance
  • Merchant acquiring
  • Money services products, including prepaid cards and money transfer

The flexible model shows historical and forecasted trends from a variety of perspectives, including by instrument, counterparty, and purpose of payment. Detailed revenue and cost models show profitability by product line and instrument. Experienced analysts highlight key trends and critical insights and can customize scenarios to client needs.

Clients use the Payments Map for financial planning and forecasting, for evaluating strategic investments in new business lines and products, and for educating stakeholders on industry trends.

As a Payments Map user, you not only receive numbers; you also understand the drivers behind those numbers and their future implication. 

Customized forecasts and market segmentations available upon request.