Benchmarking treasury sales at a top-25 US bank

The client

A large regional bank was looking to grow its treasury management business in the US by adjusting sales models and reorganizing personnel.

The insights

We issued the client a quick diagnostic tool based on insights from the Treasury Sales Benchmarking Study.  After these initial findings revealed major sales productivity gaps and significant organizational misalignment, the client decided to join the benchmarking study to gain a more detailed understanding of its needs.  Using the benchmark results, we developed a roadmap to implement critical organizational changes.  Our recommendations restructured the sales support function, giving sales people more time to sell and spend with clients.  We introduced an account planning function to further a more efficient sales approach, and we started assessing sales targets against industry leaders.  Once the improvements were in place, the bank used the benchmarking study data to check progress and refine processes further.

The impact

By identifying an opportunity to grow customer-facing time and overall sales by close to 20%, the benchmark continues to impact the treasury organization.  Sales force morale also showed significant improvement with these changes.