Careers at GCI

GCI attracts and retains leaders in the payments industry. Our thirty plus team members come from diverse career and global backgrounds that enable us to solve the world’s most complex payment problems. GCI’s supportive and laid-back culture combines the excitement of a small, growing company with the professionalism of a global management consultancy. We provide a flexible, balanced work environment well suited to results-focused, high achieving staff.

Why join us?

One of the largest industries in the world by revenue, payments touches every part of commerce and provides context for the rewards of strategic problem-solving. At GCI, you will work with leading professionals and methodologies to turn expertise and data into performance-driving insights. 

Industry knowledge: If you are interested in financial systems and payments, our 25 years of experience will help you build or leverage your knowledge.

Innovation: Clients count on us to solve complicated business problems using proprietary knowledge, data, and technology. The constantly changing nature of our work requires a constant flow of new ideas and benefits from inquisitive minds ready to make the next discovery.  

Individuals: Many of us joined GCI—and continue to stay—because of the people. Their motivation and intelligence make our experience here rewarding and fun. Our people carve their own path and use their entrepreneurial instinct to lead change. Yet we succeed by sharing our knowledge, and helping each other to stretch our talent forward.

What we look for

We look for exceptional people with outstanding capabilities or potential in the areas of problem-solving and leadership. We also look for individuals focused on achieving challenging goals that make a lasting impact.

For more on what we look for and our interview process, visit McKinsey’s Careers site.

For more information on careers at GCI, please contact our Chief of Staff, Michael Argento.